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May They Rest in Peace....

The unmarked bodies of 5 Crew members and the remains of T. S. Lawrence were found at Gross Frankhausen were wrapped in canvas and buried in a communal grave in Grunewald Cemetery 5 Km south-west of Wermelkirchen, 30 miles South-East of Dusseldorf Germany. The bodies were later exhumed and moved to Rheinburg Cemetery.

The Crew:

                                                         F/O Thomas L. Foley                                                         -Pilot (Skipper)

                                                         F/O Donald W.B. Robinson                                                 -Navigator

                                                         F/O Donald A. (Pinkey) Standfield                                        -Bomb Aimer

                                                        F/O Thomas S. Lawrence                                                      -Wireless Air Gunner

                                                         Sgt. Kitchener F. Seaman ( promoted to Warrant Officer)       - Tail Gunner

                                                        Sgt. Sam Rosu                                                                         -Mid Upper Gunner

                                                         Sgt. John Klem                                                                         -Flight Engineer

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