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Lois Snell's Family


Lois May Jean b. at East Wawanosh twp. Con.5 on Jan.17,1936 m. June 09,1956 to Robert Keith Snell b.? 4 children
a) Peter Philip born in London, On on Mar.13,1957
b) Catherine Jeanne born in Chatham on Apr.09,1958 m. Aug 24,1985 to Victor Brown
i) Nicholas James born in Lethbridge Alberta on Apr.15,1992
c) Bradley Stephan born in Guelph on Aug.09,1963 m. Ivy Kyle, 2 children:
i) Jessica Lois Dianne born in Thunder Bay on Sept.30,1994
ii) Joshua Stephan born Apr.18,1998
d) Glenn Christopher born in Fergus on Nov.24,1966 m. Dec.31,1993 to Dianne Monique Ames, 1 child:
i) Karly b.?