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From the Family Tree...
1999 Vince & Sylvia Munro

Peter Tehowaghwengaraghkwin married Margaret after his fathers death, his stepfather Brant Canajarodunka a Mohawk Sachem. Lived in Canajoharie Castle (Indian village in N.Y. State) 5 children:

Children of Peter & Margaret

1) Jr.Brant (no info)
2) Thomas Brant (no info)
3) Mary (Molly) Brant b.1735, d. 1896 buried in Kingston, ON, married 1845 Sir William Johnson b.1714, d. 1774 buried in N.Y.
4) Joseph Brant (see below)
5) Catharine Brant married Capt. John Dockstater, 3 children

Chief Joseph Brant (Wolf clan) of the Six Nations (born 1742 on the banks of the Ohio river), d. Aug.24,1807 buried at her Majesty's Chapel of the Mohawks Brantford ON. More on Thayendanegea or Joseph Brant's Photo.

Chief Joseph Brant married Christine or Margaret 1768 (died of tuberculosis 1771) 1st wife, 2 children:

Children of Joseph & Christine or Margaret

1) Issac b.1769 N.Y., died in Buffalo 1795 married Mary Hill, 2 children:
2) Christina b. 1770 married Henry Aaron Hill, 3 children:

Chief Joseph Brant married Susanna half sister of Maragret 1773 (died of tuberculosis 1773) 2nd wife, no children:

Chief Joseph Brant married Catherine Croghan (Irish) 1779 3rd wife, 7 children:

Footnotes: This information is taken from Brant County Branch Ontario Genealogical Society (Brant Family Tree #105/88), from my great-great grandfathers notes and help from Gayle Mann.

1999 Vince & Sylvia Munro