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Name :   Ken Bennett
Location :   Parry Sound,Ont.
Comments :   What a great site,Just became one of my favourites! My Dad flew in various sqdns.I am waiting for full military record.
Squadron :   Not sure on squadrons- possibly city of Hamilton(buffalo) among others. Bennett,W.G.-R165051/ J92469-F/O RCAF

Name :   Mike Logan
Location :   USA
Comments :   Sup, tite hp you got there. Keep up da work. Sweet job! Aight, peace out.
Squadron :   n/a

Name :   Madelynn Eve
Location :   USA
Comments :   Great site, I am surfing the web and well this helped me a lot on my query! Havent had much luck finding such a good info! GREAT JOB!
Squadron :   not now

Name :   Zoey SaRae
Location :   USA
Comments :   Excellent work, nice pictures. Very nice to see someone taking so much interest and pain on such an intresting subject. great work!!
Squadron :   N/A

Name :   Ken Rosu-Myles
Location :   London , Ont. Canada
Comments :   My father was Sam Rosu. My E-mail address has changed since we started this.I can be reached at krosumyles@sympatico.ca
Squadron :   424 squadron

Name :   Janice Seaman Smith
Location :   California
Comments :   My father was Kitchener F. Seaman and I think Sam was a good friend. My daughter just found this web site and it seems to be new. I also have most if not all of the original pictures depicted on this site. My email is smitty1249@aol.com
Squadron :   

Name :   Robert Fleming
Location :   Toronto, ON
Comments :   My father flew with 424 and was shot down on 4th ops over Berlin Mar 24/44. Any info or pictures would be appreciated. kkrfleming@rogers.com
Squadron :   Served on 424 from Aug 14/43 to Mar 24/44. Halifax III navigator. Shot down flying R Kite. Pilot was W Krampe. I have one very good photo to share showing about 23 men in quanset hut either preparing for mission or debreifing.

Name :   Gary Gibson
Location :   Cochrane, Alberta
Comments :   Excellent information and photos. It is great and I hope others contribute to the overall information on the 424 Squadron. Thanks
Squadron :   424 - My uncle WJC GIBSON was in 424.Their crew were killed on the Oberhausen ops Nov 1,1944. I am looking for any info or photos of QB-K or Avron Jacobs crew; Vernon,Harold Botterill,Bobby Kay,James Fraser,Yunsko or Jim Gibson. Thanks

Name :   Ronald Carruthers
Location :   Nanaimo BC.
Comments :   Send any info regarding Sgt. Allan Carruthers, 424 sqd. to rescueron@shaw.ca
Squadron :   

Name :   Ronald Allan Carruthers
Location :   Nanaimo BC
Comments :   My uncle Allan Carruthers flew with 424 and was lost Jan.12/45. Any info or pictures would be appreciated.
Squadron :   

Name :   Mike Pepe
Location :   England
Comments :   Please feel free to mail direct at mickpepe@aol.com Thanks
Squadron :   

Name :   Mike Pepe
Location :   Yorkshire
Comments :   Very interesting site indeed. Im at presesnt researching a book about Skipton on Swale and its Squadrons and would be delighted to hear from anyone with memories,photographs etc.
Squadron :   

Name :   Bill Peters
Location :   Cambridge Ont.
Comments :   I love the photos. My father was part of the 424 squadron.
Squadron :   424

Name :   Bill Peters
Location :   Cambridge Ont.
Comments :   I love the photos. My father was part of the 424 squadron.
Squadron :   

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