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A short History of our Branch of the Campbell Family.


    Sometime in the early 1760's Hugh Campbell was born in Argyllshire, Scotland. As a young British soldier he came to America during the Revolutionary War, where he became an officer in the British Army, and fought on the British side until the end of the war. The regiment was then sent to Nova Scotia where it was disbanded in Shelbourne. After a few years he returned to the United States and married a young woman named Sarah Soverill and lived in the state of New Jersey. Where their eldest son John was born, in 1796 Hugh & his family moved to Canada and settled in the township of Starrington near Kingston, On. The balance of the 8 children were born:

Children of Hugh & Soverill:

1)   John b. June 2,1794 in Newark, died 1876 (see below)

2)   Issac b. in Canada

3)   James b. in Canada

4)   Samuel b. in Canada

5)   Robert b. in Canada

6)   Aaron b. in Canada

7)   Calvin b. in Canada

8)   Hugh b. in Canada

Hugh Sr. was a stern, conscientious Presbyterian and brought his family up in that faith. Hugh Sr. continued to reside near Kingston until he was an aged man, then moved to be near his son Robert in the Township of Markham near Richmond Hill. Soverill returned to Kingston to visit some of her sons that were still on the old homestead, when she took ill & passed away and was buried there. Hugh continued to live at Roberts until he passed away in 1836 and was buried at Richmond Hill Cemetery where a marble slab marks the grave.


About the year 1816 John married Hannah Bicknell born 1798 in N.Y. State d.1878 , daughter of Nathan Bicknell of near Napanee, an United Empire Loyalist. John moved from the township of Starrington in 1832 and moved to the township of Whitby and purchased 1000 acres of land. While living near Kingston he was elected to parliament of Upper Canada as a representative of Frontenac area and did so for 7 years when he retired. In 1844 he and Mr. Way surveyed  the site of Brooklin, where he built and conducted a store, built saw & flour mills, etc. John built mills in the Whitby, Reach, Darlington townships. John died of a stroke on Dec. 22,1876 and was buried in Groveside Cemetery, Brooklin. Hannah was buried  next to her husband in 1878. 10 children:

Children of John & Hannah:

1)   Sarah b. m. Wm Nichol

        a) Harriet b. m. Joe Tyler

        b) Sarah Ann b. m. John Maynard

        c) Eleeta b. m. Mr. Allin

2)   Matilda b. m. James Warren

       a) John b. m. Miss Lockhart

       b) Harriet b. m. George Moody

3)   Hiram born Nov.19,1821, died Oct.17,1909, married in 1844 to Emmaline Nicholas (daughter of Barber Nichols) born Feb.10,1823 in Tonawanda N.Y. died Jan.10,1900, both are buried at Westfield near Auburn, On. 8 Children:

        (see below)

4)   Robert b. m. Jane Draper

      a) Chester b. m. d.

      b) Frank b. m. d.

      c) Albert b. m. d.

      d) Addie b.Feb 08,1875 m. d. became actress Floe Irwin.

      e) Georgina b. 1862 m. d.1938 became actress May Irwin m. 1)Frederick W. Keller of St.Louis 2)Kurt Eisfeldt 2 children.

5)   Nathan b. m. ? no children

6)   Calvin b. m. Delia Granger no children

7)   William b. m .? no children

8)   John b. m.  no children

9)   Franklin b. m. Phoebe Cochrane

      a) Lulu b. m. d.

      b) Adelaide b. m. d.

      c) William b. m. d.

      d) Gertrude b. m. d.

10)   Alfred b. m. Grace McCracken no children

Children of Hiram Campbell & Emmaline Nicholas:

 1)    Henrietta b. July 4,1847 m. Dr. John Hutchinson d. Jan. 18,1937

 2)    John Newton born Feb.06,1850, died 1932, married Louisa Hiles born 1851, died July 07,1937

 3)    James Warren b. Mar.22 1852 m. 1) Mary Randall 2) Mattie Bosworth d. Nov.27,1937

 4)    Mary b. m. John Hiles d. Feb. ,1927

 5)    William b. Oct.19,1856 m. Fanny M. Harrison d. July 24,1957

 6)    Alberta May b. July 31,1859 m. David Rogerson d. Apr.05,1952

 7)    Sarah Lillian b. Dec.06,1861 m. J.H. Hoover d. Jan.11,1946

 8)    Emma E. b. m. W.R.Carr d. June 11,1944



Children of John Newton Campbell & Louisa Hiles:

1)   Addie b. Nov.13,1872 d. Jan.1873, buried in Londesboro.

2)   Edith b. May 30,1874 m. Gordon Ainslie Nov 10,1896.

3)   Annie b. Mar.22,1878 d. in infancy buried in Fordwich.

4)   William Franklin born May 15,1878, died 1948 married in Oct.08,1902 to Ann Henrietta Brown born in Comber.

5)   Josie Belle b.Jan.22,1883 d.1887 buried at Westfield Cemetery.

6)   Belva b. Nov 21,1889 d. Oct.19,1984 m. Sept.23,1914 to Wilbert Taylor d.Dec.01,1966.

7)   Emma b. Jan.02,1892 m. Roy Stonehouse Apr.02,1918.

Children of Frank & Henrietta:

1)   James Howard born Sept 25,1903, died 1979 marreid Sept 26,1928 to Mary Johnston born in West Wawanosh 8 children