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Children of Joseph & Catherine

1) Jacob d. 1846 married twice 1) Mary (Mariah) Lancaster, 5 children:
1a) Oliver b.Dec.10,1792.
1b) Jacob b.Jan 09,1798.
1c) Sarah b.Jan 23,1798.
1d) John b.1799.
1e) Joseph W. b.June 12,1801.

1) Jacob d. 1846 married twice 2) Lucy McCoy 6 children:
1a) Jacob married Mary Jones, daughter of Mrs. Herkimer.
1b) John married 1) Chippewa woman, 4 children: 2) Mary Cameron, 3 children.
1c) Squire.
1d) Peter married Christian Davies.
1e) Christine married John Jones, son of Augustua Jones.
1f) Charlotte married Peter Smith.

2) Joseph d. 1839 married Margaret (daughter of Capt. John) 1 child:
2a) Catherine married John W.Hill.

3) John never married d.1832 Officer in Britsh Army.

4) Margaret d. 1848 married Powless 5 children:
4a) Joseph married Mary Hill.
4b) George Powless married Susannah Davis 2 children.
4c) Susannah Powless married Issac Lewis Jan 21,1829 7 children.
4d) Rachel
4e) Ellen

5) Catharine d. 1867 married Peter John, son of Capt John 3 children:
5a) William John Chief married Mary Powicss.
5b) Issac John
5c) Peter Brant John d. 3/3/50.

6) Mary married Seth Hill 4 children:
6a) Moses Hill
6b) Seth Hill married Ellen Brant Oct 24,1847.
6c) Elimer
6d) Sarah married Joseph Lotteridge Oct 23,1839 5 children.

7) Elizabeth Brant born 1796, married Col. Wm Kerr 1829 & died in 1845 3 children:

Footnotes: This information is taken from Brant County Branch Ontario Genealogical Society (Brant Family Tree #105/88), from my great-great grandfathers notes and help from Gayle Mann