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Kerby History

(subject to verification)

Thomas Kerby born in Belfast Ireland on ?, died 1759, married June 21,1757, at Albany N.Y., to Mary Walker born in ? on ? died ?, buried at Plains Of Abram. (1 child).
       a) John Kerby born in Albany N.Y. on 1755, died 1802 at Kerby Mills.

 John Kerby  (employed by North West Fur Co.) married June 1781 in Detroit MI, to Alison Donaldson [daughter of Sgt. James & Isabella (nee Maybor, Scotland) Donaldson] born in 1760 on ? died 1839 at Kerby Mills , buried at Rich Buttons Family Cemetery (12 children).
       a) Mary Kerby  born in Detroit on July 26,1782 married 1) Elisa Whallen. 2) Thomas Fream.  
        b) Col. James Kerby born in Windsor on 1785, died 1854, buried at St Paul's Cemetery, Fort Erie, married Jane Lambert, died 1839.
        c) Ann Kerby born Dec.28,1786, died 1806, married 1804 to ? Tucker.
        d) John Peter Kerby born in Detroit on 1788 married Mary Ann Moudreauy born 1795
        e) Col William Kerby born in Detroit on Apr.15,1791, died in Napanee on Mar. 01,1877 married Mary Smith.
        f) Col. George P. Kerby born in Prairie du Chein WI, on Jan 10,1793 died Oct 20,1874 in Bayfield On, married 1) Mary Merrill, 2) Mary Cornwall             3)    Helen Reid.
        g) Margaret Kerby married June 14,1789 to Ensign Claude Guion.
        h) Alice Kerby?
        i) Lt. Col Aaron Donaldson Kerby born in 1804, died at Florence Canada (where ever that is), married Dianna.
        j) Elizabeth Kerby married Andrew Brice.
        k) Andrew Todd Kerby born in Prairie du Chein WI, on Feb. 17,1797 died May 14,1868 in Goderich On. (see below)
        l) Alexander Kerby

1) Andrew Todd Kerby married Oct 05,1821 to Margaret Maclem, born at Chippewa on Feb.22,1802, died Apr.12,1824 at Burlington Beach. (2 children)
        a) James Maclem Kerby born Aug 14,1822 died at Jersey City N.Y. Jan.07,1867, married on June 4,1861 in Springhill Flamboro to Susan             Leeming Hamilton born? died in Dundas. (no children)
        b) John Kerby born Mar.3,1823, died at Hobart Town Tasmania, Australia, Dec.27,1860, married on June 10,1845 in Grimsby to Harriet             Isabella Nellis born Aug.11,1825, died at Grimsby. (3 Children)
                i) Thomas Maclem Kerby born?
                ii) Charles Kerby born?
                iii) John Kerby born?

2) Andrew Todd Kerby married  in Buffalo on Mar.29,1826 to Sarah Ann Ransom, born Sept.25,1800, died Nov.19,1842 in Flamboro Mills.         (7 children),  
        a) Margaret Kerby bornFeb25,1827  
        b)  Laura Alison Kerby born Feb 23,1829 died July 2,1911 married in Dundas on Mar.25,1853 to Rev'd William Belt (11 Children)
                  i)  Mary Belt born July 28,1854.
                  ii) Alfred Jas Belt born June 16,1859.
                  iii) Reginald William Belt born July 25,1859.
                  iv) Andrew John Belt born Mar.10,1861.
                  v) Charles Edwin Belt born June 23,1862.
                  vi) Edith Belt born Feb.20,1864.
                  vii) William Garrett Herbert Belt born Nov.27,1865.
                  viii) Ann Laura Belt born Dec.15,1867.
                   ix)  Walter Cayley born Feb.20,1871.
                   x)   Henry Ransom Belt born Oct.4,1872.
                   xi)  Bertha Belt born Dec.27,18?7.
        c) Elias Kerby born Nov.1830, died May 1831.
        d) Sophia Kerby born Apr.2,1832, died Oct.30,1840.
        e)  Henry Kerby born Feb.25,1834, died ?
        f) Andrew Kerby born Feb.25,1835, died Feb.12,1883.
        g) Margaret Kerby born Dec.08,1839 died Mar.23,1840.  

3) Andrew Todd Kerby married Feb. 22,1844 in Hamilton to Mary Racey born Jun 03,1824 in Mount Pleasant On, died Sept.16,1895.
        a) Abraham Nelles Kerby born in Tavistock on Jan 23,1845 , died Aug 27,1899 married on Jan.16,1867 in Brantford to Elizabeth Rose (Lizzie) Gordon (d/o Alex & Jessie Lang). (5 Children)
                i) Andrew Gordon Kerby born in Tavistock on Nov.1,1867.
                ii) Henry Racey Kerby born Apr.19,1869.
                iii) Elliot Dundas Kerby born in Dundas on Jan.12,1872.
                iv) Ralph Leeming Jr. born Sept.5,1874 died at Streator IL on Aug.27,1899.
                v) Florence Marion Kerby born July 7,1899.
        b) Beverly Robinson Kerby born Apr 06,1846 died July 20,1847.
        c) Sarah Ann Kerby born Nov 07,1847 died 1934-5.
        d) Ralph Leeming Kerby born Sep 06,1849, died July 19,1875.
        e) Miles Racey Kerby born Apr 01,1851 died in Toronto on?, married in Brampton on Sept 1896 to Kate Forbes Murray.
        f) Edwin Donaldson Kerby born Mar 11,1852 in Flamboro, ON died Oct.25,1928 Morden, married Jane Earl Osborne                                              (see below) E. D. Kerby Pic  
        g) Forbes Murray Kerby born Apr 12,1862, died ? married on Sept.13,1899


Edwin Donaldson Kerby born Mar 11,1852 died 1928 married in Winnipeg MB. on Sept 13,1886 to Jane Earl Millar Osborne born June 11,1863 Hamilton, ON.

        a) Edwin Osborne Kerby born Oct.30,1887 Winnipeg, MB died Mar 11,1980 married in 1916 to Esther Elizabeth Nicholson born 1893 died Jan 22, 1974.             (2 Children)  E.O. Kerby Pic

                i) Muriel Kerby married William Sembal (2 children):
                            a) Shirley Dianne Sembal married Scott Weston (1 Child)

                                    i) Cody Weston born?
                            b) Ronald Sembal married ?
                ii) Beverly Pearl Kerby born in Kamloops, B.C. on Sept. 07,1917 died Dec. 05,2003 Edmonton Alberta, married ? to Norman Clark born in Dundee, Scotland on Nov.07,1910.                         Immigrated to Canada 1930, died in Edson Alta on Mar.13,1979 (4 children):
                             a) Howard Clark, not married died 1963.
                             b) Richard Clark Margaret Kerr (2 children):
                                    i) Amanda married Shayne Easson 
                                    ii) Leadawn married 
                             c) Robert Clark married  Heather McLean died in Pembroke, on Aug.07,2001. (3 children):
                                    i) Dale Clark 
                                    ii) Dwayne Clark 
                                    iii) Greg Clark 
                             d) Jacquline Clark married Archibald Relitz (1 child):
                                    i) Brian Relitz born in ? on ?, married ?, to ? born in ? on ?.
                             e) Norma Helen Clark  married Ronald Edward Munro (2 children):
                                    i) Kimberly Anne Munro  married Michael Cox (2 children):
                                            a) David Cox 
                                            b) Amanda Cox 
                                    ii) Vincent Andrew Munro married Sylvia Diane Campbell (2 cats).

        b) Kate Kerr died young born March 3 1890 Winnipeg, MB died Mar 23, 1894.
        c) William Forbes Osborne Kerby born Nov.27,1891 Winnipeg, MB died Aug 28, 1965.

                        i) Donald Kerby born? married in? on? to Birdeen born? (3 Children)
                                            a) William Kerby 
                                            b) Debra Kerby 
                                            c) Scott Kerby 
                        ii) Dorothy Kerby born? married in? on 1951 to Ralph Woolverton born? (3 Children)
                                            a) Carol Woolverton 
                                            b) William Woolverton  
                                            c) John Woolverton
        d) John Brant Osborne Kerby born Oct.21,1893 Winnipeg, MB died Feb 27,1947,  on Sept 2,1919 to Muriel Eliza Ireland born Oct.02,1892 .(2 Children)

                i) John Brant Jr. Kerby born Oct.06,1927
                ii) Stewart Kerby born Mar.07,1936
        e) Mary Racey (Molly) Kerby born Aug. 06,1896 Winnipeg, MB died Nov.18,1988 married Richard (Dick) Brew, born ca 1889 died            Oct. 7,1967.
        f) James Donaldson Kerby born June 20,1898 Morden, MB died Jan 1959 married 1) Edna Pearl Morrison born Oct.13,1902                                           died June 26,1928, 2) Jermima Shewan Brechin born June 26,1907 died June 1,1981.
        g) Henry Beverly Kerby born Sept.02,1904 Morden, MB died Dec.1,1989 Winnipeg MB married ca 1933, Marguerite Hariot Sweet born             Jun 26,1911 died Dec.14,1989 Winnipeg MB (1 Child)

                        i) Corrine Kerby born? married in? on? to Dennis VanMeer (5 Children)
                                            a) Barbara VanMeer born? married in? on? to Ronald Addis
                                            b) Kathy VanMeer
                                            c) Rick VanMeer born?  
                                            d) Jim VanMeer born?
                                            e) Jane VanMeer born?
 Kerby Reunion

1999 Vince & Sylvia Munro