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Children of Donald & Jean

1) Edwin Osborne Kerby born Oct.30,1887 Winnipeg,MB died Mar 11,1980 married Esther Elizabeth Nicholson born 1893 died Jan 22, 1974.
2) Kate Kerr died young born March 3 1890 Winnipeg,MB died Mar 23, 1894.
3) William Forbes Osborne Kerby born Nov.27,1891 Winnipeg,MB died Aug 28, 1965.
4) John Brant Osborne Kerby born Oct.21,1893 Winnipeg,MB died Feb 27,1947.
5) Mary Racey (Molly)Kerby born Aug. 06,1896 Winnipeg,MB died Nov.18,1988 married Richard (Dick) Brew, born ca 1889 died Oct. 7,1967.
6) James Donaldson Kerby born June 20,1898 Morden,MB died Jan 1959
7) Henry Beverly Kerby born Sept.02,1904 Morden,MB died Dec.1,1989 Winnipeg MB married ca 1933, Marguerite Hariot Sweet born Jun 26,1911 died Dec.14,1989 Winnipeg MB

Footnotes: This information is taken from Brant County Branch Ontario Genealogical Society (Brant Family Tree #105/88), from my great-great grandfathers notes and help from Gayle Mann.
1999 Vince & Sylvia Munro