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Bicknell Family

Zachariah Bicknell came to Weymouth, Mass with Rev. Joseph Hiells Co, landing March 20,1634 and died in 1636. His wife Agnes, came with him and she died July 9,1643. 1 child:

John Bicknell born in Barrington, England in 1624 married 1) Mary Shaw daughter of Abraham & Bridget (Best) Shaw born June 18,1626 died Mar.25,1658 4 children: 2) Mary Porter, daughter of Richard & Ruth Porter. 9 children:

Thomas Bicknell born in Weymouth, Mass. on Aug.27,1670 died in Middleboro, Mass. on Feb.17,1717 married Ann Turner, daughter of Japhet Turner of Scituate , Mass. born Aug.18,1679 died 1722. 1 child:

Japhet Bicknell born in Middleboro, Mass. in 1711 and died July 12,1790 married 1) Sept.12,1741, Jerusha Allen of Rehoboth,Mass. 2 children:  2) Sept.12,1746 Martha (Turpin) Metcalf, widow of Attleboro, Mass. born 1718 died Aug.30,1785. 6 children:

Japhet Bicknell born in Rehoboth, Mass. on Jan.06,1742 married Hannan Childs 1 child:

Nathan Bicknell born in Munson, Mass. on Mar.1,1775 married Phebe Peters, daughter of Richard & Jerusha (Sutton) Peters near Schnectady, N.Y. in 1797. Moved to Canada about 1800. 9 children:

Hannah Bicknell born in N.Y. State in 1798  died 1878 lived at Whitby, On. married John Campbell.